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Thread: I saw the Green Mile tonight

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    I saw the Green Mile tonight

    That movie was awesome. It was a very deep, very emotional movie. I really really liked it.

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    Re: I saw the Green Mile tonight

    Although I don't necessarily care much for Tom Hanks, I did enjoy that movie. I especially liked Michael Clarke Duncan's part in the movie (the big black prisoner d00d), I thought his character's demeanor gave an interesting counter-balance to the general assumptions made by the guards.

    A very good movie.

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    Re: I saw the Green Mile tonight

    the best quote from that movie is from billy the kid when he pissed on the gaurds leg and he siad the the gaurds

    I'm currently cookin up some turds, check with me tomorrow!!

    and the the next scene where they squirt him with the hose, he says to the gaurds " come on fuck sticks ".

    The movie was almost word for word with the book but the book was just a little better.

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    Re: I saw the Green Mile tonight

    I really liked the book, haven't seen the movie. I waited until it was avalable all in one volume.

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    Re: I saw the Green Mile tonight

    I liked the movie too.

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    Re: I saw the Green Mile tonight

    really excellent job capturing the book on film. which reminds me it's a dvd i should get

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