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Jedi Starwars game
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Thread: Jedi Starwars game

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    Jedi Starwars game

    I went to a local computer shop and I saw some guy play this jedi - starwars game with those light beam thingamajigies.. Any one have a clue what game that was ;D

    I want to get it.

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    Re: Jedi Starwars game

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    Re: Jedi Starwars game

    My guess would be Jedi Outcast if its on a puter. SWWWEEETTT graphics on that.

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    Re: Jedi Starwars game

    It was probably jedi knight 2: jedi outcast. It's a really sweet game. I'm not sure if there is a linux port of it but if you dual boot with windows check it out.

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    Re: Jedi Starwars game

    jedi knight II rules

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    Re: Jedi Starwars game

    jedi knight II rules
    Me agrees!

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    Re: Jedi Starwars game

    Me agrees!
    i haven't gotten multiplayer to work yet though

    but i'm not really a huge fan of deathmatching, so it's probably no big loss.

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    Re: Jedi Starwars game

    p.s. desann is hard.

    now should i finish the blue shift half life expansion pack, or (based on what people keep telling me) torture myself with daikatana (bought for 4.99).

    or maybe like, do some work and stuff :P

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    Re: Jedi Starwars game

    I loved the multiplayer in Jedi Knight I. I havn't played to much in JKII. It's a lot more fun when there's people you know playing.

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    Re: Jedi Starwars game

    for whatever reason, mine's workin now. musta been some reboots or something that did the trick.


    yeah i kinda avoid random multiplayer crap, too many losers out there.

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