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Thread: Jedi Starwars game

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    Re: Jedi Starwars game

    The multiplayer on mine didn't work until I upgraded my graphics card.

    Went from a Vodoo3 3000 with 16MB to a Radion 7000 with 64Mb and that was a definite improvement in the graphics.

    But with a 600mhz processor and only 128MB Ram I still have to keep the graphics on their lowest setting or it takes 5 minutes to load a level, and I just don't have that kind of patience.

    I'm still in the swamps because I havn't played it in almost 2 weeks. So I havn't faced Desann yet. Need to get back to the game, just got busy with other stuff, I guess.

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    Re: Jedi Starwars game

    i love the swamps. stay on land, blocking laserfire, and just use grip to strangle the swamp troopers

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    Re: Jedi Starwars game

    Yep, strangling them is the most fun! Especially with force grip 3! Havn't gotten a chance to drop anybody off a cliff with it yet.

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    Re: Jedi Starwars game

    I loved the multiplayer in Jedi Knight I. * I havn't played to much in JKII. It's a lot more fun when there's people you know playing. *


    RED!!! *> :

    I just don't understand you... I'm back on dialup, you could kick my arse with little effort, and laugh at me some more. I'm not gonna bother using your IP to figure out where you live.

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