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Thread: I feel like

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    Re: I feel like

    later evilestknight...

    i would like to say that the purpose of this board as i see it is not to be entertained or learn advanced progrmming - it is to help the person new to linux. linux + GNU tools has helpe out many a person here. i view these boards as an opportunity to give a little back.

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    Re: I feel like

    Pbharris ... Totally agree.

    For those of you who are on the board, I only asked you one and only one thing for my service here ( whether I personally helped you or not ).

    This board is voluntary based board. If you are gonna leave, just fucking leave. Please ( please ) don't fucking whine like a bitch ( as already are ). There are times that I am not around for weeks at a time but I never whine and cry like unmature baby.

    :Jesus :

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    Re: I feel like

    I have got 5h17l04d5 of help here and want to express my gratitude to all
    those whove helped me and so many others . Thank you all.

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    Re: I feel like

    And I'm tired of hearing Lovechild talking/whining about his love life all the time. I'm tired of hearing you bash anyone that tells you that you should not smoke weed as much as you do. I'm tired of hearing TeRG whine about his parents and AOL and Microsoft. I'm tried of you bashing package management tools. I'm tired of Feztaa thinking he's the next Einstein. I'm tired of cga changin editors like he changes underwears.
    okay i know you are complaining... but reading this really made me realize we know each other here. each of the things you mentioned i could think ha thats true (not that i'm tired of it just that it happens)
    and yea we complain and it can get tiresome, but we're a community

    at times i've left here and spend long periods of time away, not because i got sick of it, just lack of time, but its good to see the people here, the community

    this sounds really corny so i'll stop now before it gets worse :-/

    but yea. group hug guys!
    /me starts a nice big group hug

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    Re: I feel like

    Jebus... walk away for a few... I come and go, come and go.. spend a week active, spend 3 inactive... I still love this place, and will continue to come back, but man... *shrug* nobody likes a quitter... (;

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    Re: I feel like

    It can take hours or even days to set up a large, intricate design of dominoes, yet one domino can knock down all the rest in a matter of seconds.

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