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Thread: What are the hostnames of your PCs

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    What are the hostnames of your PCs

    I'm just curious....and maybe I'll find some new names for my machines

    Currently I have 3 PCs at home - my main computer is called "LosAngeles" and the 2 others "NewYork" and "SanFrancisco".

    Why? Because I'm a huge USA fan and LosAngeles is the city I like most

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    Re: What are the hostnames of your PCs


    Here goes:

    Desktop :
    Lovechild (aliased to Erlenmeyer)
    Mp3-player(old one):
    Mp3-player(new one):
    Fathers box:
    Sisters box:
    Snorke (danish for snory because it's so damn slow)
    Gf's laptop:
    Gf's desktop:

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    Re: What are the hostnames of your PCs

    well I have a few, and my main theme is the northern mythology.

    fenris: my main machine from fenris the wolf.
    sindre: my laptop from sindre the dwarf who made fenrises chain.
    brok: my distro-test machine from the other dwarf involved in making the chain for fenris.
    yggdrasil: my firewall/routing test machine from yggdrasil the tree of life.
    sleipner: the main firewall from sleipner the eight legged horse.
    odin: the main file/mail server from odin god of wisdom.
    frigg: backup file-server as in the wife of odin.
    hugin: my beowulf cluster as in one of odins rawens.
    munin: my beowulf cluster as in the other of odins rawens.
    alfrigg: my print-server from alfrigg one of the dwarfs who made *Brisings' Necklace (and because I think its a nice name.. allways makes me smile)
    smaug: my web/cvs/rsync server. This one falls out of the mythology, since the name is taken from smaug the mighty dragon. (Which is a fictionel caractor and has nothing to do with mythology)

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    Re: What are the hostnames of your PCs

    Sofar the functional boxes are as follows

    Wildturkey -- Main box (RH 7.2)
    Leinenkugel -- Spare box (SuSE 8.0)
    Spaten -- NIS Server and soon to be gateway as well (RH 7.2.92)
    LittleBlue -- Totally useless toy that sits in the frontroom. 386DX 16MB ram IBM server from 1984??. It has linux but isnt networked since I can t get ethernet cards cor it
    Smu -- Roommates box (RH 7.2 / Win98)
    PornGod - Friends box that sits and collects dust (and crunches GAH) RH 7.0 / WinME

    TimeWarner alsways shits their pants when I have them over to replace fried cable converters. They know I am NATing the whole network, but cant prove it.

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    Re: What are the hostnames of your PCs

    Workstation: Yoda
    x86 Server: anakin
    Sparc20 Server: obi-wan
    Fiencee's Workstation: princess
    Laptop Personal: r2d2
    Laptop Work: c3p0
    Router: han-solo

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    Re: What are the hostnames of your PCs

    bugs - rh box and my main box
    daffy - debain box
    yosamite - router (not really a box...)

    pookie - another debain box
    sparkey - wifes redhat box

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    Re: What are the hostnames of your PCs

    I really had to get creative:
    bob - win me
    april - Slack 8 on that same box
    jane - win 98 on 2nd box
    hank - FreeBSD 4.5 on 2nd box

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    Re: What are the hostnames of your PCs

    [21:25:13][ralinx:~]$ hostname

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    Re: What are the hostnames of your PCs

    Gatewaybox - supra ( Toyota )
    Desktop - accord ( Honda )
    DVDPlayer - cherokee ( Jeep )
    FileServer - yukon ( GMC )
    Laptop - tercel ( Toyota )
    Wife's box - rav4 ( Toyota )
    BSD test box - celica ( Toyota )
    another testbox - thunderbird ( Ford )

    I'm not going to be short of computer names for sure as long as there are cars .... ;D

    I got the idea from my former company's network guy who named all the boxes at work after car models. He is not short of names either ....

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    Re: What are the hostnames of your PCs

    My box - frobox
    mp3 server - tunage
    bro's box - kermit
    family box - family

    not really any relation there or anything...

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