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Thread: Oh Canada...

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    Oh Canada...

    I just got back from my mini roadtrip. My Bro and myself drove all the way to Vancouver, BC Canada. It tooks us 20hrs to get there from California. Canada is cool. I especially liked the fact that they have 94 octain gas. But the roads are too narrow and people drive a little different over there. I tried to find souveniors but was not able to find any.

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    Re: Oh Canada...

    Do they have GnuVince-on-a-stick up there ?

    Seriously it sounds like you had a nice trip, but I'm glad to have you back in one piece... I would hate to, in the best South Park style, BLAME CANADA....

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    Re: Oh Canada...

    Yeah its nice to be in one piece. We drove 2654 miles this weekend on a 9 year old car. We are pretty lucky that we are home all in one piece.

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    Re: Oh Canada...

    Canada, is a beautiful country. Thanks for visiting us. Come back anytime!

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    Re: Oh Canada...

    gmoreno, you should've told me...i live on the mainland, we could've met easily, but oh well.

    yeah from what I gather, people in California are very agressive drivers, so it's no wonder you weren't used to our...driving

    LC: GnuVince lives on the other side of the continent, it's quite different.

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    Re: Oh Canada...


    we have the potato on a stick here on the east coast (aka PEI)

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