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Thread: Bigger sized keyboard

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    Bigger sized keyboard

    Okay some of you might have noticed that my spelling has been getting worse lately, the reason for this is mainly that my tourette' is getting worse - actually I'm only partially able to control it when I'm at school (I'll tell you, having verbal outbursts at a group meeting or at lectures isn't exactly what I dream of... by it happens). But I decided that I wouldn't let it get to me, but I found that I'm unable to control my arms enough to hit the small keys, without retyping over and over again (Kinda like the way I code C++ )
    It's really annoying, because I use to spend a lot of time on IRC, ICQ and writing mails, and I mostly had to stop doing that when it's really bad.

    So does anyone know if I can get a keyboard with some bigger keys, pref. DVORAK with DK(NO, really) layout. Otherwise qwerty is just fine, as long as it has danish layout.

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    Re: Bigger sized keyboard

    Damn those things are expensive !!

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    Re: Bigger sized keyboard

    Damn those things are expensive !!
    Yeah, unfortunatly most 'specialty' keyboards probably will be :-/.

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