I have a confession to make.....I am a MCSE and MCSA for Windows 2000 ("Microsoft Certified System Engineer" and "Microsoft Certified System Administrator&quot.
For info what these Certifications are take a look at
Does that make me an unworthy Linux user??

I'm proud of these certs because I've put so much energy, time and effort in those exams. The two certs also got me my current job as a SysAdmin in W2K domain with about 50 clients and 10 servers. And it's such a good feeling to get work experience and see how you are getting new knowledge day by day.

But the certs and my work also showed me how unstable and buggy Windows can be so I got interested in Linux more than ever (I've installed Linux 2 or 3 times in the last 2-4 years but somehow I was to lazy to learn the way Linux was ticking - so I switched back to Windows).
And here I am...with 2 Microsoft Certs, a nice job with a good opportunity to learn and develop, and last but not least the strong intention to learn Linux and some other Unixes inside out.

Maybe I'll get the Linux+ cert too someday....

It just feels a bit weird to hold 2 Microsoft Certifications and wanting to switch to Linux.

Maybe this thread is useless and you don't care about this, but I wanted to get rid of this because I feel like a vegetarian working in a butchery