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Thread: New LUG announcement

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    New LUG announcement

    This is to announce the creation of a Linux Users Group in the Glen Burnie (Maryland) area.

    This LUG will be as much about recruitment and advocacy as about the exchange of knowledge and software. If Linux is to experience an explosion of popularity, then an explosion of 'grass-roots' advocacy must precede it. This advocacy will include community activities designed to aid in recruitment, fundraising and establishing a local identity for Linux. Growing the Linux user base in the LUG area will take precedence over all other objectives. Having fun would be a close second. (Of course, if you can't have fun turning Windows users into Linux fanatics, then this LUG probably wouldn't be for you.)

    If you live in the area and are interested, please email me:

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    Re: New LUG announcement

    If you're going to talk about advocacy, you'd better call it a GLUG (GNU/Linux User's Group), to please RMS.

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