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Thread: Re: I need a woman

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    Re: I need a woman

    hmm .. maybe you should go out more .. I dont think that you will meet some girls at work. Actually there are more women (51 - 52%) on earth than men.

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    Re: I need a woman

    Dude...just get out and meet people. I used to be someone who spent all his time at home, goofing around with his computer. When I finally decided to get out and see the sites, I started to meet all sorts of interesting people. I started hanging out at a coffeehouse. Wouldn't you know it, I met my wife there one Saturday evening. I haven't looked back since. Just get out!

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    Re: I need a woman

    Stop whining. You are pathetic! People have given you advice. Take the advice and do something!

    There's nothing more pathetic than "I need a girlfriend". :

    I've seen that twice already from you. Get out of your house and take charge of your own life instead of b!tching to us.

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    Re: I need a woman

    I'm home all the time, you are right but I am shy. I am not a pimp like Lovechild.
    Pimp ??

    WTF ??

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    Re: I need a woman

    Whoa, whoa, whoa ... > Guys, stop calling each other names.

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    Re: I need a woman

    Regarding me calling Lovechild a pimp that was supposed to be a compliment.

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    Re: I need a woman

    Regarding me calling Lovechild a pimp that was supposed to be a compliment.
    Well Ok... I take it as a compliment that you regard me with the same respect as men who force women to sell sexual favors... Hell yeah...

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    Re: I need a woman

    Lovechild there is another meaning to that word in the US or atleast where I live. It means that you are a player. People usually take it as a compliment.. But maybe it just fell out of context.. In that case just ignore what I said... But I didn't mean to insult you the least bit. There is some other people that I would want to insult right now but not you.

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    Re: I need a woman

    BTW are you the top poster on this joint 4166 posts..

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    Re: I need a woman

    Before he digs a hole with all these words with potentially negative connotation (pimp, player, etc.), let's just say he meant pimp as in you get all the women.

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