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Thread: rape update

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    Re: rape update

    Something similar happened to a friend of mine. I want to say that violence is not the solution, but that would make me a hipocrite in the worst way. So as not to incriminate anyone, I will keep this general. The perpetrator was beaten to within inches of his life and had the police not come when they did there is no telling what would have happened. As for his vehicle, all windows were smashed, but of course I had no prior knowledge of this until I was I questioned by police in reference to this matter while spending the night incarcerated. When I went before the court for assault and battery, I was let off with time served(one night in jail is long enough to know that you never want to go back) the female prosecutor in my case actually spoke in my defense. My actions were a little impetuous, without forethought or planning. However, if I were you I would ponder this... revenge is a dish best served cold.

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    I must go on a brief tangent then get to the topic at hand. LC, consider your life forfeit for 'extendly borrowing' my avatar.
    > :P

    Onto the matter at hand, get a lawyer. Screw the state as much as you can, next time you talk to someone record it and hand that to your lawyer. Make a big deal out of everything, force people to open their eyes. Make a pain in the ass of yourself as it would be a good thing.

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    Re: rape update

    Thats the way shit gets done in court. The meanest, most anal retentive bastard lawyers win. Find one. And play by his book. You should be able to tear this assfuck a new buttcrack in court at least once (civil), and most likely twice.

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