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    Binary Clock

    Anyone know where I can buy a cheap Binary Clock or perferable a cheap Binary Clock Kit.

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    Re: Binary Clock


    If you understand how a 555 timer works (I never did, and this may not even apply), you could, with some LEDs, just wire it yourself.

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    Re: Binary Clock

    I was looking for something more like this

    But I don't like red. I want something that I can build. I had a friend that built one but had it in clear plastic with blue LEDs.

    If it was in a clear or a blue I would buy it an just remove the red LEDs and install blue ones.

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    Re: Binary Clock

    I would be more than happy to build you one. Give me your design that you would like and I will build it for you. I can make the Hours Minutes and Seconds all have different colors, or use color changing LED's if you want (for AM/PM). Just give me the specs and it is yours.

    The cost to build one is ~$12 + shipping roughly. And I will provide a pic before shipping.

    Let me know. I am pretty sure you chould check the voltage across the LED in the premade kit above, and replace them with whatever color you wish. It is not very hard to do.

    IIRC Radio Shack sells kits like that (or at least used to).

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    Re: Binary Clock

    I used to work at Radio Shack a couple of months ago pt and they dont have anything like that...

    If you are willing to make it for me that would rock... I am not an artis but I will draw some pics of what I kinda want it to look like.. I will pm you or e-mail you later... When I am home.

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    Re: Binary Clock

    They will send you catalogs through the mail for free and have practically any electronic components you could need.

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    Re: Binary Clock

    I wasn't able to find one... But I ordered a catalogue

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    Re: Binary Clock

    you could do this with a PLD very easily, they are cheap too!

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    Re: Binary Clock


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