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Thread: Some Web Pages Load, Some Don't

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    Some Web Pages Load, Some Don't

    OK, this is an interesting one. I have two Suse 9.2 Boxes on a Windows network. Everything was fine. Then we moved to a new location, with new servers (win2k3), an appliance firewall (SonicWall TZ 170), new switches (D-Link), and a new DSL connection (modem is a VisionNet). Now I can load some web pages, but not others (like All Windows boxes, thin clients, and even VMWare running Win2K on the Suse boxes work, and can load any page. I can ping and resolve the IP. My MTU is set at the firewalls setting (1500). I can use curl and grab the banner to I have tried FireFox, Konquorer, and IE 5.0 running on Wine, but no go. The web browsers all find, and wait for quite a while before returning an empty document error. It is not just either. I can load all sites from my home computer running Suse, using the same ISP. I am assuming that the D-Link or the SonicWall Firewall may be the problem, but don't really know where to go from here. Any help is greatly appreciated. I tried posting on suse-linux-e, and have one person still working with me privately, but we are not able to lock this one down. Thank you.

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    The MTU had to be set at 1490, not more, not less. What a PIA. But it's fixed now!

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