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Thread: MP3 or MD player

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    MP3 or MD player

    I'm looking to buy either an MD or MP3 player, just wondering if anybody had any suggestions (what to avoid, what's good, etc).

    I'm looking for something that meets these criteria:

    1. I can access it from Linux, so I won't have to boot to windows when I want to copy my MP3s onto it.

    2. It must hold at least as much music as a CD, if not more. (I did some rough calculations, and that's about 64 MBs based on the size of my MP3s...)

    3. It must not skip (solid state storage device, or anti-shock of some kind).

    4. There was another one, but I forget. Bleh. I'll post it when I remember.

    It doesn't have to have a lot of special features, like ID3 tag support or anything, it just has to play my songs, I'll be able to figure out the artist and track title myself

    Oh yeah - I'm NOT looking for a CD player. The whole point of this is to have something that both plays and records it's own media. It has to be able to record, so that I can stop buying CDs (and don't tell me to just buy a burner, because my CD player skips like a bitch, and I can't afford to buy both).

    Thanks all

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    Re: MP3 or MD player

    Archos Jukebox 6000

    6GB USB harddrive with antishock and self checker - Linux drivers are on the website...

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    Re: MP3 or MD player

    Holy shit! How much does that cost? My price range is <$250 Canadian.

    Also, it's a smidgeon big; I'm looking for something that fits in my pocket, and that won't quite cut it (If I can afford it, I'd buy it though. 6GBs!!)

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    Re: MP3 or MD player

    Well if you have a Mac and a buttload of money I would suggest an Ipod. That thing is freaking cool

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    Re: MP3 or MD player

    if you have a Mac and a buttload of money
    (Fortunately) No, and (unfortunately) no.

    I think #4 is "Cheap!"

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    Re: MP3 or MD player

    I am a minidisc zealot but I warn people away now because the top models have problems with lasers that are built too small and stop working (recording) too easily. Get a portable MP3 player.

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    Re: MP3 or MD player

    Get a MD player you will like it some sony MD players like mine can like compress your mp3s... or your songs.... You can have a WHOLE SHIT load of songs on one disk especially if your md has this feature on it and te sound is very good if you get it just right... I think MD players are cheaper and easier in the long run... I have had mine for a while and havent had any problems with its laser.....

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    Re: MP3 or MD player

    I found an MD player for about $200 that I think I'm going to buy. Hopefully it's good, but I'll return it if it's crap.

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