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Thread: redhat and ibm

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    redhat and ibm

    I found an article in a week old toronto star about redhat stocks up to 7 dollars or something after ibm announces they will be using redhat. So are they trying to sell ibm computers with redhat for the desktop or is it just going to be servers?

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    Re: redhat and ibm

    i think it is for servers. i wish had bought rh stock about a month ago - it has almost doubled.

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    Re: redhat and ibm

    it said in 1999 redhat stock was at 150

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    Re: redhat and ibm

    in 1999 everything was overvalued - i saw this one report of a company which had an IPO in 1998. in 1999 the stock went up an insane amount. the owners of the company never produced a thing. when asked what do they do they replied they don't know, but they were thinking of doing something. it was spooked - that is the kind or crap that happened in th '20s and gave rise to the great depression.

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    Re: redhat and ibm

    Yeah, the initial IPO for Red Hat sent prices off like a rocket. Same with VA Linux. VA stock went up 700% in one day!

    That is what eventually lead to the tech bubble bursting. Now that that is over, we are seeing stocks actually equalibrate to more realistic values.

    Sadly, many startup tech companies died as a result of this nonsense.

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    Re: redhat and ibm

    Remember, too, that there are very few things faster moving than "state-of-the-art" (tried to buy a 5" floppy lately) 8)

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