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Thread: bill gates bio

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    bill gates bio

    I just watched a bill gates biography. I found some parts rather humerous like buying dos for 50 000 and then reselling it to IBM and then copying apples OS but explaining how everything was slightly different. There was a letter he wrote or somethign about how its not right to share software and its stealing and people should license it. Found that pretty funny also.

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    Re: bill gates bio

    Sharing is stealing.

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    Re: bill gates bio

    MS Says: "Don't steal software, that's our job!"

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    Re: bill gates bio

    I saw a picture of Herr Gates yesterday. Have you noticed how he's starting to look like Don Knotts? (Or maybe Mick Jagger's daddy) 8)

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    Re: bill gates bio

    Ha ha, yeah he does look different. In that terrorist pic someone was posting, he looked like a Hitler henchman.

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    Re: bill gates bio

    Gates also looks a whole lot like Dr. Octopus from comics I read as a little kid.

    Oh, I found a nothe rbio on him BTW ....

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    Re: bill gates bio

    Gates also looks a whole lot like Dr. Octopus from comics I read as a little kid.
    That's it, right on the head! I knew there was a resemblence to a comic book villan, but I couldn't think who, thought I was making things up again. Thanks.

    just as a by the way: Did anyone see the Newsnight interview that Jerremy Paxman did with him a year or two back? Paxman asked what Gates thought to Bill Gates jokes. Gates said he had never heard of any, so Paxman proceeded to tell him one were Gates meets God and says "I think you're in my chiar" (thats the very short version). The look on Gates' face as it dropped was an absolut peach.

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    Re: bill gates bio

    I have a picture of that somewhere (Dr. Octo + Bill). Need to post it up :-).

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    Re: bill gates bio

    Wasn't the Bill Gates bio called "The Phantom Menance"? ???

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    Re: bill gates bio

    Are you sure you're not thinking of The Devil's Advocate?

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