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    Read this

    My friend sent this to me.....

    Bobby Collins

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    Re: Read this

    hmm ts ts .. its always the same thing .. m$ is bashing on linux cause they cant directly hit it ..

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    Re: Read this

    that previous mail from the same guy that also got leaked was a lot worse than this one

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    Re: Read this

    i dont doubt this statment at all:

    It also appears that MS has bought off a number of Linux/Sun 'insiders' whose job it will be to explain to the sales team how to pitch the illusory advantages of Windows to unsuspecting IT managers. "Dumber people can run Windows" is the best advert I personally can come up with, though this is without the benefit of expensive analysts and turncoat 'insiders' to feed me intriguing tidbits.

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    I don't believe that they have "accidently" leaked. I mean, he even talks about the other email he sent. This just smells FUD to me.

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