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Thread: Postcard?

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    Hi all,

    I downloaded Bluefish and installed it. After untarring the package, there was a message from the creator asking to send him a postcard if I liked the software. He gave an address (not really a mailing address). What does it mean to send a postcard?


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    Re: Postcard?

    hmm on the site there is a normal mailing adress .. i dont know what you mean with the sending of the postcard .. ?

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    Re: Postcard?

    After you finish the install, it prompts with a message asking that if you enjoy this software to please send a postcard to the author. I was just wondering if there is some kind of electronic postcard that can be sent?

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    Re: Postcard?

    no he means real post cards .. on the bluefish site there is a photo with the cards he received ..

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    Re: Postcard?

    The only other things I've seen that are "postcardware" involved physicaly sending a post card to a real address (a PO Box). I can't see how you can do that without an address ???

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    Re: Postcard?

    the address for the bluefish thing is right on the site ..

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    Re: Postcard?

    If you like this program, please let me know and send me a postcard and tell me which country/state you're from:

    Olivier Sessink
    Haarweg 17
    6709 PH
    the Netherlands
    That looks like a valid address to me.. you want to see the cards he has recieved.

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    Re: Postcard?

    ;D As soon as I saw your other post on the same subject over at LNO, I knew the same question would be posted here. ;D

    Seriously... Do you have a script to post the same text on both forums or do you manually copy and paste?

    If you use some kind of automated script, I would be interested in knowing how you do it. Thanks

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    Re: Postcard?

    No script (I knew someone would catch on to that sooner or later...... * ) I just copy and paste when I want to post in both places. *Both sites are a big help. * Both are really good communities.....

    I like having more than one place to ask questions. *

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    Re: Postcard?

    I agree having more than one place to ask some of the more complex questions is good though with some of the simple questions, in my opinion it's overkill and wastes time and effort of those giving the same answers on both boards.

    They could be using their time to help others. Lately I've noticed quite a few questions at LNO go unanswered. I can no longer post there since my account was corrupted and I feel bad that I cannot help some of those that do not receive any responses. I do however send personal email if they have their email address listed in their profile.

    Just something you might want to consider before posting duplicate questions with both lno and ljr. If simple, then you may want to decide to just use one or the other. Of course it's up to you and what you think best.

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