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Thread: Another "Valentine Memo"  leak...

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    Re: Another "Valentine Memo"  leak...

    ROFL ....

    thats true .. the next thing thats gonna be released is

    "M$ netOffice with brand new consumer apps like dns, ftp , www server built in" ;D

    its even worse that its true what you said :-/

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    Re: Another "Valentine Memo"  leak...

    I'm proud to run solely FreeBSD and everything on my system is completely legal (except for mp3's, but I'm talking strictly programs). However it wouldn't phase me to run Windows illegally. I've paid for Windows 95 and 98 and they're way too expensive for such featureless operating systems. They don't even have any power tools in them. Windows 2000 Pro costs too much for home use and any server edition is just out of the question. It's inevitable that Microsoft get pirated from. Their software is grossly overpriced yet alternatives are not much of a choice for some people. Thank god for Linux, the free BSD's, and other free operating systems.

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    Re: Another "Valentine Memo" *leak...

    MSCE: "... are these like Microsoft Office?"
    I lost what little confidence I had left in humanity...

    I've heard expressions like "Minesweeper Consultant, Solitaire Expert" before, but I had no idea how true they were...

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