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Thread: Is it time for Linux on the desktop?

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    Re: Is it time for Linux on the desktop?

    Like cga said, for the average user it's ready. People mention software support, but the only thing it lacks is specialized business software and a less than extensive gaming selection. How many home users play around in cad software? How many home users buy several games each month? Specialized hardware support is more of a problem but that will be fixed when Linux becomes more popular and dickhead companies decide to start releasing drivers for it. Linux is quite ready for the average desktop.

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    Re: Is it time for Linux on the desktop?

    Well I think that (This is for home use) if you want to save yourself a lot of money, you will learn linux. You really want to have to do it. If you'd rather feed Bill, his wife and his kids, then keep on paying for MS products.

    I tried to get my neighbour onto Drake 8.0. After a while he just wasn't interested. I think this was because he couldn't be bothered learning something new. Linux is pretty easy IMO if you have the time to sit down and learn, learn learn. So linux has always been ready for the desktop, its just that 90% of the people are too lazy to learn it because MS products already work (Often not too well) for them.

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    Re: Is it time for Linux on the desktop?

    Linux is plenty well easy to learn, the only problem is that if you have many years of experience in the "Point and Drool" world of MS, it's hard to break your habits and learn new ways to do things. I think if you had two people with absolutely no preconceptions as to how computers/OS's work, Linux would be just as easy to learn as Windows.

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    Re: Is it time for Linux on the desktop?

    and there is a city office in Florida that proves that your comment is accurate

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    Re: Is it time for Linux on the desktop?

    Yes, that's Largo city.

    Also, cybergal is a shining example of somebody who had linux installed for her, and is learning it just as quickly and easily as any other windows-using lay[wo]man.

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