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    WOOHOO ITS 2002 IM SOO EXCIIIITTTTEEEDDD - Oh hang on a minute. Im drunk. Forget it. Pretty soon ill wake up and realise i was typign crap in my sleep - whats that I cant type in my sleep? Hmm. Correct. so maybe im not sleeping. But still, that doesn't explain the pillow im sitting on. Oh its a chair. Okay - forget everytihng im not asleep im jsut sittign on a reaally comfortable chair and im drifting into a really deep sleep so if i suddenly stop typign and you see a load of 'a's or maybe 'p's then you can assume that i have fallen asleep at my keyboard.

    So yeah its new year 2 days till my b-day (im 16 woohoo) - and im getting some money, 100 16x 800MB CD-Rs, a 12x8x40 PHILIPS CD Rewriter (yeah i got one but its crap and only burns at 2x these days), and some money (oh I already said that, well maybe ill get more)...

    At Christmas i got a nice Geforce2 Ti but its non reference and the core is a pleasing 250mhz but the memory a disappointing 333mhz (166mhz DDR ram), buuut my nice heatsinks and Artic Silver 2 thermal paste are on the way and ill soon be running at least at 400mhz and my core (even if it will make little difference due to the memory speed bottlenecking) will be at around 280 (300 is realyl pushing it but that would be SWEET. Oh and yeah my Blorb (otherwise known as "Blue Orb") fan is already here i just need to attach it.

    Well Im in College at the moment and im very bored, which is why im talking to you.

    Oooh New Years was cool we drunk a 25 bottle of champagne (pronounced sham-pag-nee) which was cool except that the cork landed on a car an the alarm went off... yea... hmm so why am I talking so much?

    Answer: No frickin idea.

    Oh yea i saw Lord of the Rings - dude that was so COOL. But it was a PG and for a PG i would label on the box

    'NOTE: This film is really scary so if you have a weak bladder prepare to run to the toilet and clean yourself up'

    It was especially cool at the end where that huge sheep explodes...


    *thinks harder*

    *Remembers that that was not in Lord of The Rings*

    Well thanks for listening - ill be tuning in next week - REMEMBER SAME TIME SAME PLACE.

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    Hmmm to move this to off topic or rants and raves????
    Moving to Off-Topic

    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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