Dear all,

Can some one guide me for the best reference to the followings:

1) Make network with Redhat Fedora C4 and connect windows and Mac client systems all as a LAN with Shared Folder on the Linux server and shared printer. Without using Samba.

2) Connect a monochrome Scanner with USB port to Redhat Fedora C4 server and make windows & mac systems to access to the scanner.

3)Installation of Samba on Redhat Fedora C4 Server & configure for both Windows XP, 2000 and Mac clients.

4) Connect and configure Alcatel Speed Touch 510 with 4-eth ports on Fedora C4 with.

5) Install and configure Squid Server on Fedora C4 server with 2 LAN cards to be accessed by Windows & Mac clients.

6)Install and configure mail server and connect it to the internet using Fedora C4.

I know that this is too much but I hope that we share the information and documents.

Best Regards for you all