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Thread: Row brewing over Linux patches

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    Re: Row brewing over Linux patches

    If I'm not mistaken, THIS is the current set up. Linus no longer maintain a kernel once it reaches stable status and hand it over to Alan Cox for it. Cox is the chief maintainer for most of the stable kernels except that there needs a new release of stable kernel.
    No No No... first Linus fucks around with the stable series for a bit - untill he feels that another guy can take over and clean up his mess !

    Look at 2.4.x, it was handed over to Marcello at what.... 2.4.15/16 - I'm saying the moment a kernel reachs what Linus calls a .0 release, then he should let it go to someone else - Linus is a brilliant hacker, but he sucks royally at maintaining something stable.

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    Re: Row brewing over Linux patches

    Btw, I noticed while going through the lk mailing list that there was a status report for 2.5.3xxx and it mentioned that ReiserFS and XFS support might be placed into the kernel at some point; I think it'd kick butt if the next (after Woody) release of Debian would allow you to choose between Reiser, ext3, and XFS when you installed it. (mmmm...XFS...*drool*)
    We probably won't see XFS in the kernel for a while because the kernel patch is very intrusive, it adds a whole new layer to it - nobody seems to like that... Rik van Riel put it like this : They didn't port XFS to Linux, but rather ported Linux to XFS. Also as I recall, the XFS tools are nonfree, right ? Which might pose as a problem for distros like Debian.

    On the other hand we have JFS which will be included in the development branch within a limited timescope.

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    Re: Row brewing over Linux patches

    No No No... first Linus fucks around with the stable series for a bit - untill he feels that another guy can take over and clean up his mess !
    I dont' think handing over kernel maintance is not as easy as handing over a coffee machine. Even handing over a server is not that easy. So I think it is a good idea to keep working with the new maintainer until he feels comfortable to let the new guy lead. And plus, Dave Jones is relatively new to that stuff as well ( as an official maintainer since Alan Cox accepted the job at Red Hat, Linux didn't give Alan the maintainer job and I think he is right about that ).

    Look at 2.4.x, it was handed over to Marcello at what.... 2.4.15/16
    Like I said at above posts, it's more complicated than that. And I also think it has a lot to do with having problems with kernel itself.

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    Re: Row brewing over Linux patches

    Dave Jones maintain 2.4.x series since there are needs for 2.2.x kernel to update such as security.
    nope, marcelo maintains the 2.4 series

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    Re: Row brewing over Linux patches

    The issue is really sticky. The 2.4.x series is STABLE ( at least on my machines and many others ). The majority of problems are occured on some weird and hardwares that do not have standardization on hardware vendors' part such as Nvidia not releasing info on their hardware so that developers have no way to test every single version of the hardware Nvidia produced. It is not only that prblem but just an example. Plus, Linux developers do not have all kinds of hardware at their disposal to test it around. If we wait too long, then the technology will be quickly outdated and far behind. And that's why many Linux distro ( such as Red Hat ) do not include the latest kernel with their latest distro release.
    actually, the reason why Redhat is still at 2.4.9 is because Linus switched to Andrea Arcangeli's VM instead of sticking with Rik Van Riel's VM at linux 2.4.10. the problem with Andrea's VM is that runs excellent on most systems, but it performs bad on large SMP systems and clusters => exactly the type of systems large companies use and Redhat has customers there.. Andrea and Rik Van Riel have been working on their VM's and the VM problems will soon be nothing but memories.

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    Re: Row brewing over Linux patches

    Andrea' VM is crap, it's that simple.... Deal with it !

    I ran it for a brief moment, it fell flat on it's back.... joyfully, Rik's rmap VM came to the rescue.

    As Ralinx said, Andrea' VM doesn't scale well, and he's confined himself to working within the boundaries of the older Rik VM, since it's design follows the same guidelines - also giving rmap the chance to be even faster than AA' VM, since it's designed to be more dynamic and flexable - Plus in reallife AA's VM isn't all that much faster, see dbench distributes tests unfairly (due to design), making it easy to make a VM appear faster than it really is.

    I admit that AA currently has the upperhand with concerns to speed, but stability and scalability is shot - making it a poor choice for say SMP machines or any kind of high computing.

    Take notice that rmap with go into 2.5.x in a short while. Could the mighty Linus Torvalds have been wrong ??

    I encourage you all to try out the rmap patch on and see for yourself.

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    Re: Row brewing over Linux patches

    As for Dave Jones:

    He doesn't maintain any official kernel trees - but he works to sync the 2.5 tree with the 2.4 tree - merging patch from marcello' 2.4 tree into the development kernel - kinda like Alan Cox did in the 2.4 only days with his -ac tree.

    See some patchs don't go into both trees for various reasons and DJ takes it upon himself to make sure all the useful patchs go in to the development branch.

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