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Thread: History of Loki

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    History of Loki

    History of Loki

    Makes you wonder if Draeker is an asshole or just incredibly incompetent. Or both.

    The story might be a complete fabrication but I get the impression itīs well researched.

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    Re: History of Loki

    i think he was more incompetant than an asshole - i think he wanted to do the right thing but messed up royally. ya figure the amounts he misappropriated are really not that much in terms of salaries. many developers at this time were making as much he got, i am not defending him but he could have been much worse and it seems he made some effort to pay the staff.

    Verdict: Incompetant.

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    Re: History of Loki

    I liked Loki, they did some good ports, but most of the titles Scott chose to port, like myth2 and postal - I mean, does he expect to make money of games that hardly made any money on Winblows.

    I mean couldn't they have put out a game like Civilization 3, and made sure it would be out at the same time as the Windows one - that would have made them more money than the silly Postal and that Solitare pack ever did. And what ever happened to Deus Ex (which I own for Winblows and love, I preordered the linux version.. nothing ever happened).
    But the WORST mistake Loki ever made was to turn down "The Sims", which the author offered to grant Loki under very nice terms. And look at that game now, 3 years later or so.. still a hit... I laughed HARD the day I heard Drecker killed "The Sims" on Linux, I know plenty of Winluzers who' only reason for being in Windows is playing that game.

    But I guess with Loki gone I will never be able to play Unreal 2 / Unreal Tournament 2 on Linux - which saddens me.

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    Re: History of Loki

    Well, as for UT2, U2 -- that entirely depends on how much of an MS whore Epic is. From my contacts and insight -- they are out there for the glory. If they can be seen as something better than a sub-par Quake knock-off, they see a victory.

    Hopefully that translates into even an unsupported binary.

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