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Thread: Why Linux Isn't on the Desktop Yet

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    Re: Why Linux Isn't on the Desktop Yet

    I have to be compatible with Word and Excel. *No choice. *Period.
    You know what?? I don't expect many people from this board to understand the underlying requirement of business oriented/envoronment people since many are still in College or yet to go to College. They were never put into life and death siturations of business requrements versus technical solutions.

    That better, open standrad word processor is comming, but it damn well better be backward compatible with Word as well. *Or else.
    I believe what we need is some company ( Sun may be?? ) to comeup with ways to be able to save to Word compartible formats and read from Word formats. Be it a module/add on for Star Office or other types ..... I believe we have variable solutions such as Ham Office suite but people aren't willing to spend money for it.

    I think Linux for desktop is already there. We just need to find out how it will fit to your organization. You might also want to check out Ham Office 2.0. It CAN read/write to Word compartible formats. The down side?? It costs about $ 250 a copy but cheaper than MS Office sticker price of $ 499.

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    Re: Why Linux Isn't on the Desktop Yet

    Do we want Linux on every desktop? Personnaly, I don't.
    Another great statment. Having only Linux would be just as bad as having only Microsoft. It would be boring and become vulnurable very fast.

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    Re: Why Linux Isn't on the Desktop Yet

    Once upon a time, most scientific journals required article submission in LaTeX. Now they except Word. The word, it seems, is Word.
    I can't speak for other scientific journals, but I can safely say that about 99% of mathematics journals require submission in LaTeX. So in my field, LaTeX is the de-facto standard

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    Re: Why Linux Isn't on the Desktop Yet

    a couple of opinions:

    I think we need Linux on every desktop, spend the millions we would have spent on MS products into things like education. Imagine a world where we're not wasting money or productivity because we're all infected by the the latest klez variant. DONT revamp Linux to cater to Windows users (more so than it already has), but introduce distros like Redhat, Suse, and especially Mandrake to pop culture.

    basically, Schotty hit the head on the nail in his earlier comment.

    I, like the rest of you, grow tired of the dummification of computing. It's getting to the point that pussification of software is creating more and more security holes. THIS MUST STOP.

    While, I would enjoy having MS Office running on my Linux system, Im not sure Im willing to pay the cost of having it on my system. Solution? Universal file types. War-mega-text files with the power of MS Word, Excel documents, but the versatility of simple text files.

    Email isnt reliant on one client, and word processing shouldn’t be either.

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    Re: Why Linux Isn't on the Desktop Yet

    Final exam. Spot the deluded fantasy:

    A) "I don't need to support HTML, I'll write a BETTER web browser using my own incompatable data format, and everybody will switch because it's technically just so much better."

    B) "I don't need to support SMTP, I'll write a BETTER email program using my own data format, and everybody will switch because it's technically just so much better."

    C) "I don't need to support Microsoft Word files, I'll write a BETTER word processor using my own data format, and everybody will switch because it's just so much better."

    The correct answer? All of the above.
    I agree with this. 110%.

    I don't want Linux on *every* desktop. I want people to have the ability to freely choose which OS to use. If an OS can support all the data formats needed today, people have true alternatives and they can choose the one that fits them the best. If there was a web browser that was superior to every web browser there is, but didn't support HTML, would that browser be a true alternative? No. The same goes with OS's.

    I've said this before, but I'll say it again: if I wasn't able to read and write Word and Excel documents in Linux, I'd be using Windows right now.

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    Re: Why Linux Isn't on the Desktop Yet

    MS Word is a HORRIBLE format, but it's still the most widely used, so we need to support it.

    Lucky Linux currently provides me with all I need, even a Visio clone that gets the job done, a extremely powerful IDE and the ability to open Word documents, which I need for school. Lucky my school is aware of the M$ iron grip so they upload most stuff in PDF instead of .doc.

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    Re: Why Linux Isn't on the Desktop Yet

    i've been hearing a lot of about using xml for most formats. so if microsoft would use xml for their formats, we'd be able to read it without any problems on our linux systems

    the problem is that Microsoft probably won't do it unless they're forced by the US Courts and we all know microsoft has the entire US government in their pocket so forget i mentioned this and keep dreaming

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