I have to be compatible with Word and Excel. *No choice. *Period.
You know what?? I don't expect many people from this board to understand the underlying requirement of business oriented/envoronment people since many are still in College or yet to go to College. They were never put into life and death siturations of business requrements versus technical solutions.

That better, open standrad word processor is comming, but it damn well better be backward compatible with Word as well. *Or else.
I believe what we need is some company ( Sun may be?? ) to comeup with ways to be able to save to Word compartible formats and read from Word formats. Be it a module/add on for Star Office or other types ..... I believe we have variable solutions such as Ham Office suite but people aren't willing to spend money for it.

I think Linux for desktop is already there. We just need to find out how it will fit to your organization. You might also want to check out Ham Office 2.0. It CAN read/write to Word compartible formats. The down side?? It costs about $ 250 a copy but cheaper than MS Office sticker price of $ 499.