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Thread: Every computer runs Windows

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    Every computer runs Windows .... this is nuts!

    "Microsoft has come up with another novel way to make its software compulsory - an annual subscription licensing system for schools where you have to pay for all of the computers you're using, even if you don't want them to run the Microsoft software you're licensing. This includes Macs, and although the Ts & Cs of the agreement don't make it entirely clear what you're supposed to do with the Windows upgrades you end up buying for these machines, we bet putting them on eBay isn't a recommended option. "

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    Re: Every computer runs Windows

    Microsoft had been doing volume licensing to Enterprises for a long time already. What they usually do is license them for fixed amount of money and you can install as many as you want ( so that you don't have to keep track of how many systems you have installed or fiddle with those silver papers ). It's actually a good thing since I always get the Enterprise version of it every time my ( former ) company buys it.

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    Re: Every computer runs Windows

    Well I think it is messed up schools must pay MS License fees for PowerPC's, Alphas, Sparcs, and boxes not running MS software.

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