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Thread: Libranet help forum

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    Libranet help forum

    Hello Libranet folks! I have started our own help forum and I hope that you will take the time to check it out and register if you so wish. Of course Debian Folks (or anyone who would just like to help) are welcome as well

    Libranet Help Forum

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    Re: Libranet help forum

    Wow, I knew you were cool, Sarah31, but now I really know it! You have your very own domain! Too cool!

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    Re: Libranet help forum

    Heh. I figured that something familiar would help

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    Re: Libranet help forum

    She is the mystical penguin Goddess that reveals the arcane mysteries of LibraNet, distro of the GODS!!!! ;D

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    Re: Libranet help forum

    shes Queen of the Penguins.
    thanx Sarah.

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