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Thread: Kernel patching.

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    Kernel patching.

    I've never done any kernel patching, but I'd like to know how to apply the ac6 and the pre-emtion patch to 2.4.12?

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    Re: Kernel patching.

    Patching the kernel is line like before configuring:

    patch foo.patch | -pN 0

    I would be aware the "ac" kernels are Red Hat specific
    kernels made by Alan Cox ( tree). These source
    changes often break non-Red Hat distro's because of
    other specific ac-tree changes in the base Red Hat distro.


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    Re: Kernel patching.

    My way..

    Unpacked patch
    patch -p0 < patchname

    You can also zcat or bzcat the packed file and dump the whole shebang into patch -p0

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    Re: Kernel patching.

    What I usualy do..
    Get the .bz2 patch (its better compressed, and should it be corrupted you can allways recover )

    # cd /usr/src/linux
    # bzip2 -dc /path/to/patch.bz2 | patch -p1

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    Re: Kernel patching.

    even easier:
    patch -Np1 -i filename.patch

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    Re: Kernel patching.

    Even easier, put your patches in /usr/src, then run this:

    This will automatically patch your kernel.

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    Re: Kernel patching.

    Or follow the steps in the info on the -ac patches at

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    Re: Kernel patching.

    Or follow the steps in the info on the -ac patches at
    That's a great link!

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