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Thread: Linux LPI Cert

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    Linux LPI Cert

    Has anyone heard of/done this qualification?

    I've never been one for bits of paper telling people what I can and can't do, but, given the current economic climate combined with my lust for a new job, I think I could use all the help I can get.

    This Level 1 course has been offered to me quite cheap but I don't think I could get work to pay, least not without a lock in clause (which kinda defeats the point), so I have to pay myself. Although it's quite cheap it's still a strech on my wages, even after the"contractor payplan" thing.

    So I guess I'm asking is this worth doing?

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    Re: Linux LPI Cert

    I think it's definitely worth it. I work in the I/T department of a large medical diagnostics company and we (myself and one other person) have been testing Linux on some servers. My boss is well aware of my love for Linux (I have a poster in my office that states MS is the evil empire) and he mentioned to me the other day that maybe it would be a good idea to start working on my Linux certifications. LPI is one that I was looking at, as well as the RHCE (very expensive) and Linux+ (very inexpensive) certifications. I think the Linux+ certification would be a very good start. Check out . It looks pretty interesting (and it's fairly new).

    I'm pretty excited about actually getting to work with Linux for a living.

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    Re: Linux LPI Cert

    I'm not too sure but I think it is still in the Beta stages, but it looks like a good cert.

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    Re: Linux LPI Cert

    Which one looks like it's in beta?

    I know the Linux+ certification went out of beta in September.

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    Re: Linux LPI Cert

    I believe that Linux LPI is still in beta....but who knows....i have been wrong before :P

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    Re: Linux LPI Cert

    It might just have come out of beta, hence the huge discount they're offering (almost %50), but the guy on the phone said that IBM send the people, who have to be certified real quick, to them for this course. He was a salesman however and I all way asociate the word "salesman" with the words "bull shit".

    I'll have a look at that Linux+, thanks.

    Weird thing is I was looking at the details of this LPI course. Right under the bit where they tell you that they send you RH, SuSE, Turbo, Debian, Slack, and Caldera, there's a recomended system requirements "Windows 95,98,NT4sp3 or 2000". :

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    Re: Linux LPI Cert

    Hey that Linux+ looks great, and at almost a tenth of the price I'd be dumb not to.

    Although the lack of training materials/teaching is a bit of a downer, but I suppose I got you guys (& gals) ;D, and I never had any for doze, so I should cope.

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