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Thread: Bootable Linux CD

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    Bootable Linux CD

    I have linux installed on my laptop, but the other day i accidently saved the BIOS which has "boot from cd" *set > *So now whenever i turn on the laptop, i cant change the BIOS for some reason, and the only way to do something is if a bootable CD is in the cd rom. *So, since i cant seem to change it back to boot from hard drive, i was wondering if theres a place for me to grab the files needed to boot into linux from a cd rom. *I would use a floppy, but a) the floppy drive is broken and b) it only boots from CD ROM *:

    My install is Caldera OpenLinux.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Bootable Linux CD

    Sorry guys, i figured it out...i just had to append

    root=/dev/hda1 BOOT_IMAGE=boot

    to a command line on the installer.

    sorry for the post!


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    Re: Bootable Linux CD

    no problem!!

    welcom to ljr

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    Re: Bootable Linux CD


    I was actually registered [under the name Bryan, i had the christina aguilera pic if anyone remembers] last summer, but ive been away and not had much time to get online. So now i'm back, but the e-mail i registered the other nick under is dead, so i cant have my password resent >

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    Re: Bootable Linux CD

    Welcome back then ;-)

    If you email the admin (cloverm) he could probably fix you up.


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    Re: Bootable Linux CD


    I guess my old domain's stupid webhost host fixed up there act an got the mail server working again, so i was able to get in and grab my password.

    w00t. *me back *

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    Re: Bootable Linux CD

    welcome back

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    Re: Bootable Linux CD

    thanks ;D

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