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Thread: Mandrake going screwy on device permissions

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    Mandrake going screwy on device permissions

    I don't know what's going on, but mandrake (8.1) is going some screwy things on device permissions, like changing them to 0600 so normal users can't get at them(so far it's done this to sound and video).
    I've fixed both of them by going and messing around with /etc/security/console.perms, but does anyone know WHY this is happening? It just started doing this lately, and it's kind of annoying


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    Re: Mandrake going screwy on device permissions

    You know, I don't know what the heck is going on at Mandrake. I recently got so sick of all the little glitches that I removed it in place of LibraNet. I like Mandrake but they really have to work on getting a product out that actually works a little better than they have with 8.0 and 8.1. I am also very concerned about the Mandrake club that they just started. If you haven't noticed they are advertising before you can get into some of there sites such as the download site and Mandrake secure site. I have the feeling that very soon one will not be able to update their system or download the isos without joining this "club". The minimum that gets you in is $10 month and that's asking a bit much. For $120 dollars one can go out and buy 2-3 different distros or even other OSes such as Windows. If this is their eventual goal they better put out a product that is very, very good or they will have people jumping ship left, right and centre. I understand they need the dough, as programming is time consuming and expensive, but this is a very risky venture especially at a time when they are not releasing a very good product.

    Further to your problem, have you tried posting this question on Mandrakeuser forum? Likely you are not the only one having this issue and someone may be able to help you out much faster there. There are some very competent folks on that board.

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