Ok ubuntu lacks the simple other GUI's for internet connection sharing that you may find in mandrake. I know pretty much nothing about linux and have spent most of my time on the OS Ubuntu 5.04 looking at forums and documentation and have been slightly successful.

what i want to know how to do is share the connection that i have on eth1 which is my internet connection through to eth0 which is my switch that goes to two other computers and a laptop all runnung windows XP PRO.

i have tryed using firestarter but all that seems to do is block everything that wants a single kb of data, im not really after a firewall solution just something to share the internet so the rest of the family can browse the net and my brother can use XBOX live.

i want to test this OS out to eventually build another computer to run basically to route the internet and possibly just for bit torrent file sharring, if anyone can give me some noob friendly advice on how to accomplish all or some of this it would be greatly appreciated as i have already browsed alot of ubuntu documentation which just leaves me confused.