I just had a bit of a thought...

You see, I'm in love with server side HTML-embedded scripting languages (PHP specifically, but the other ones are good too).

The problem is, I can't afford a web host that supports PHP, and I don't want to run apache on my own box for security and uptime reasons (my computer's off at night).

I also know for a fact that I will never in my life attempt to maintain a large, static HTML website ever again. That is such a nightmare.

So, I was thinking, does anybody know if it would be plausible to just have some textfiles with some basic content in them, and then write a script that would automatically generate the static HTML for me?

The idea is that I could have my dynamically generated HTML files, which would make my life so much easier, but the end result would be a static HTML file that I could just upload to any free web host.

I'm planning to write a script to do this in python, but if anybody's heard of something similar that's already been started, let me know