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Thread: Preorder your Linux for PS2 now!

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    Preorder your Linux for PS2 now!

    Just got this email from them:
    Dear PlayStation and Linux Enthusiast,

    Now is the time to put yourself inside the next generation in computer
    entertainment! In response to your request for information on LINUX (FOR
    PLAYSTATION 2), we are excited to let you know that this accessory is now
    available for pre-order in the United States and Canada* exclusively at, with an expected shipping date
    of May 22, 2002.;refUrl=linux

    Combining the incredible technology of the PlayStation(R)2 computer
    entertainment system
    with the endlessly versatile Linux operating system (,
    Linux enthusiasts and programmers can now use the same system they play
    their favorite PlayStation games on to run thousands of Linux applications!
    The LINUX (FOR PLAYSTATION 2) accessory kit allows you to utilize the
    PlayStation 2 console as a fully-functional desktop computer. Download a
    wealth of Linux programs -- HTML editors, multimedia players, office
    solutions and more -- or program your own software to run in the
    PlayStation 2 Linux environment.

    Included with the LINUX (FOR PLAYSTATION 2) kit is the PlayStation 2 Linux
    software, an internal hard disc drive (40 GB), a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
    Network Adaptor, and a USB mouse and keyboard. You will still need to
    purchase or supply a PlayStation 2 console, a 8MB memory card (for
    PlayStation 2) [preferably a new memory card -- once formatted for Linux
    use, your game data will be erased and you will not be able to save new
    game data] and a VGA monitor with sync-on-green capability [check your
    monitor's user manual to see if it meets this requirement].

    While it's exciting to see tremendous interest in this new PlayStation
    venture, there are a few things for you to note before purchasing. LINUX
    (FOR PLAYSTATION 2) is a tool for Linux enthusiasts and programming
    hobbyists. Basic understanding of the Linux operating system is strongly
    suggested for installation and use. Also, be advised that this accessory
    will NOT enhance your PlayStation 2 games. The hard disc drive formatted
    for Linux cannot be used with HDD-compatible PlayStation 2 games, and the
    included Network Adaptor (Ethernet) does not include a modem, which the
    upcoming standard Network Adaptor will. Be sure to consider all of these
    factors before making your decision to purchase.


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    Re: Preorder your Linux for PS2 now!

    i reported on this time last year, they are a couple of weeks late

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    Re: Preorder your Linux for PS2 now!

    But they just made the item available for preorder!!! I may actually grab a PS2 now.... except that means waht - ~700 down the drain??

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    Re: Preorder your Linux for PS2 now!

    Yep. Still waiting. Pre-ordering was just a scam to keep me from sleeping. :P

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    Re: Preorder your Linux for PS2 now!

    I will just wait for AMD's 64 bit processors ...


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