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    why am I bagging good ol MS? Because they make life so difficult for anyone who is not a technocrat. I cannot find a missing audio drive for my win xp puter and as always, when I go to their site, I get lead around in circles looking for solutions for ages. Then when I want to contact them they make that complicated too. Its never straight forward with them is it? My comp is the most complicated device I have ever come across because it is so hard to fix problems and good ol big bro MS leaves me out on a limb. I am sure that there are millions out there who agree. I would like to toss this computer at the nearest rubbish tip and forget about the internet but it has been such a costly investment.

    PS. you make billions of dollars a year MS so where is the decent service?

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    Well before you kill yourself yahpete, :P why don't you post your specific problem on this forum...THATS what forums are for; to share info with each other and solve those stupid little or big problems we all have...Type exactly what your looking for and someone here eventually will help you out...give it a try...also type the exact name of what your looking for in Google and see what pops up...

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