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    Server question

    Whats the difference between running linux as a server or as a regular desktop workstation? And if i install it as a regular workstation, can i change it to a server???

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    Re: Server question

    The difference will be the software packages that are installed. For a desktop workstation, You would see word processing, graphics, multimedia programs installed whereas on a server you'd see web server, database, mail server programs. So to turn a desktop workstation into a server, all you'd have to do is install the required server software packages. You could also remove the desktop related packages if no longer needed, but that's not absolutely necessary.

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    Re: Server question

    Server is just a computer doing serving to some others. Any computer can be a server ( yeah I've seen even Win 98 : as servers ) ......

    But it's a set of programs that will be installed in Linux installations. Programs such as graphic and games are not relevent for server installations and dhcp server daemons and Apache is useless in workstations .... Linux used to install everything but lately they are moving towards on demand basic .... such as server only, workstation only and everything ....

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