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Thread: Recommendations on hand-held (with Linux)

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    Re: Recommendations on hand-held (with Linux)

    [quote author=coltrane link=board=12;threadid=1916;start=0#15005 date=1022120752]
    my boss has the Zaurus
    runs Linux

    cost about 500 bucks though
    too much for me

    Look through ebay ... much cheaper there.

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    Re:Recommendations on hand-held (with Linux)

    If you can wait for the Kaii to come out, it should be cheaper than a Zaurus, but be very compatible with them (the software stack is the same). Plus, they will have from 32 to 128 mb of ram and 32 mb of rom. That should be more than sufficient for most handheld uses. The Kaii looks to be very promising.

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    Re:Recommendations on hand-held (with Linux)

    Can we get some linkage to Kaii?

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    Re:Recommendations on hand-held (with Linux)

    anyone know if there is any sort of linux/unix stuff that works on a PalmOS PDA? or is anyone working on something?

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    Re:Recommendations on hand-held (with Linux)

    Appreciate all the advice - was very helpful!!!!!

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