Well the monitor is sweet and the general hardware is a nice set up, but it looks like a hat with a monitor. In a styly kinda way.

Hating macs because of a one button mouse? Strange. BTW you are NOT restricted to having a mouse with one button. For all the years I have used a Mac the single button has never be a setback or an annoyance.

GnuVince in time Darwin will be fully supported in the i86 architecture (it is only able to run on a VERY LIMITED hardware setup). But if you like the Aqua GUI.....well buy a Mac then because you definitely will not see that ported to i86. Aqua is proprietary and Apple would not be stupid enough to let that go otherwise their sales of Mac hardware would slide into the sub basement, good architecture and all.
Well, every single Mac OS up to 9 has been pure hell for me. I've used those things in school and I've always found Win9x infinitely preferable (the old iMacs were sluggish and some of the software literally took minutes to load). It also took me longer to do tasks with those one-button mice than it did with the three button mice available for the MS computers (c'mon, 'bad user interface' isn't reason enough to hate a computer?). All the old Mac OSes looked like pure crap (visually speaking) compared to even Windows 95; the only reason I might ever consider getting a Mac in the future is because OS X/Aqua is so pretty, not because of its' functionality (which I can get with FreeBSD or Debian, and for FREE).

BTW, is Darwin with FINK better than Debian with apt? What reason would anyone have to switch over to it on a x86 arch? Why would I choose an OS that has LESS support for my computer? Is the learning experience so important that I should choose less functionality over more?