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Thread: GUI on old Mac?

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    GUI on old Mac?

    Just wondering if there is Linux OS that supports a GUI for an older macintosh. Let's say a 68040 processor. (33MHz) I think I might actually upgrade it, but then again, I might not.

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    Re: GUI on old Mac?

    Ok, I am upgrading it. Just found a Performa 6360 logicboard. So I guess I'll be trying Yellow Dog.

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    Re:GUI on old Mac?

    You can install Debian on a 68k mac, I did once with X but it was horribly slow on my IIvx (33mhz 68030 with 8megs RAM). NetBSD can also be installed for 68k, I currently have it on my IIvx and it runs at almost decent speed with X.

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    Re:GUI on old Mac?

    You can install OpenBSD and NetBSD on that mac :P.


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