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    Just wondering what people's thoughts are on this, and whether or not anyone has actually gotten it to work. I know that it's freakin PICKY about hardware right now, but that will change in time. I wanted to run it on my system, but not a single thing I had was supported.

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    Re: Darwin

    It's really hard to tell whats going on with Darwin. It seems after the big news of it's conception and release, it just disapeared. If I remember correctly Darwins license is not GPL or FSF friendly which would keep a portion of open source developers off it, though I hope Apple fixes it.

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    Re: Darwin

    Is there anything all that great about Darwin? From what I've heard, it is simply not worth worrying about its restrictive license, because Linux is just better.

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    Re: Darwin

    i've used it (on my mac)

    eeeh i don't like the bsd tools, gnu's just better:
    rm foo -rf
    bsd: foo is a directory
    bsd: no file/directory "-rf"

    theres other things too like killall and pidof, darwin for intel i don't see the point of.

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    Re: Darwin

    I don't see what the point of Darwin for x86 is either. Hell, if you want BSD, just get any of the other ones, I'm sure they're better anyway.

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    Re: Darwin

    I don't mind it but I haven't been able to get the internet functioning on it yet. Darn PPPoE is plaguing me lately. (If anyone knows of a good PPPoE program let me know.)

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    Re: Darwin

    rm foo -rf
    bsd: foo is a directory
    bsd: no file/directory "-rf"
    It's the same on HP-UX 10.2 systems.. Or Sun-8 (i think it was last I checked) They've probably just used some old portion of the code.. (ahhh the joy of getopt().. )

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    Re: Darwin

    Well I have used X86 my whole life until I opened my eyes and found the G4. The more I learned about it the more I wanted one. I sold my old PC and got a Cube. I run Yellow Dog and OS X. I wouldnt give up X for anything. I love it. Darwin is strong and stable and you can port almost anything you need( if its not already on OS X). All I know is if you are a die hard Linux or *NIX person you really need to try a G4 and get over the Megahertz myth. Linux on 128 bit processing is like a guy running to the bathroom after eating 400 stool softners. ;D A little off topic but had to vent.

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