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Thread: X on YD 2.2

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    X on YD 2.2

    Well, I finally got YD 2.2 on the Mac. Now the only prob is getting X to start at all. It seems I have a problem loading "bitmap". I've search the drive and the CD-ROM, and had no luck what so ever. Any idea what I should do? I noticed nothing is compiled into the kernel. Should I just re-compile a new one or is there something I'm missing? (besides 'startx')

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    Re: X on YD 2.2

    search for x font packages

    it looks like you are missing the fonts

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    Re: X on YD 2.2

    I have the 75-dpi & 100-dpi, and I believe the usual xdserver stuff. I guess double checking the xserver won't hurt. :P

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    Re: X on YD 2.2

    Well, finally got it working great! Need to get a new monitor. Kept getting the KDE music, but no video. Stupid thing caqn only handle 8bit. :P


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