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Thread: MAC on Linux

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    MAC on Linux

    Has anyone tried it? They sure have a cute logo!

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    Re: MAC on Linux

    I'll get back to you on that here soon. ;D Waiting for parts to come in first. :P

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    Re:MAC on Linux

    yea it works /really/ well :-D

    i mean i dont play games under it, but i can use illustrator with out major speed issues.
    its not as fast as booting straight to mac, but its definitely useable.
    If you are going to do anything major you should just reboot. but lets say a friend wants you to host some images for a website and she sends them in .art format (!?!) then you just start mol, use aol for mac, save as or screen shot or i cant remember what i did, then ftp it back over to linux.


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