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Thread: Creating audio tracks for burncd

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    Creating audio tracks for burncd

    I'm trying to burn a music cd but it's just not working. I want to put some of my mp3's on it. The problem seems to be in creating the audio tracks. I've tried using mpg123 to convert them like this:

    mpg123 -s Death\ Blooms.mp3 > ~/Death\ Blooms

    and then I'll burn them like this:

    burncd -f /dev/acd0c -s 2 blank audio Death\ Blooms fixate

    but it fails saying it couldn't write the audio tracks ("only wrote -1 of 37632 bytes&quot and then gives an IO error. I'm guessing the tracks aren't in the appropriate format but the man page for burncd is kind of vague about that. Also I don't see where it got the 37632 bytes from. The track file is over 50 megs. Please help me so I can make my brother his damn cd so he'll quit brother me.

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    Re: Creating audio tracks for burncd

    Try using burnit. It's a console front end for doing all kinds of audio and data conversions and burning.

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    Re: Creating audio tracks for burncd

    Hmm... I don't seem to have a port for it. I'll have to hunt it down. I'm starting to think it isn't the audio format though. I've heard of other people with the same brand of burners having trouble burning audio cd's with them. I don't know...

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