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Thread: Solaris booting

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    Solaris booting

    I recently received SOLARIS 8 Intel, thanks Tolstoy. Iíve looked on the net and in some Solaris books at Barnes and Noble, but I can't find anything about how to boot Solaris on a machine with other operating systems, I want to triple boot Linux, Solaris and Win. Can anyone give me any insight?


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    Re: Solaris booting

    when you install solaris it will put some code in the mbr.When you reboot it will ask you what partition to boot.You should either remove linux or at least its swap partition before you install Solaris as they use the same partiton code type.for more info try the solaris newsgroup.
    comp.unix.solaris or alt.solaris.x86

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    Re: Solaris booting

    Sys Admin Magazine had an article about this, check out

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    Re: Solaris booting

    IIRC, there is silo, solaris lilo, that you can use to boot multiple OS's with.

    BUt that maybe specifically designed for Sparc hardware, not X86

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    Re: Solaris booting

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