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Thread: Promiscious Mode on Linux

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    Promiscious Mode on Linux

    I've got an old RedHat 5.2 server with 2 NICs, and last week my IDS reported that both cards are in promiscious mode.

    Can anybody remember where the he** you set promiscious mode for NICs under RedHat 5.2? I'd need to do it "the clean way", since the NICs need to remain in non-promiscious even after a reboot/power failure.


    Update: Moderators, feel free to move this over to the right part of the forum. I posted it here by accident ...

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    Re: Promiscious Mode on Linux

    just do /sbin/ifconfig eth0 or 1 -promisc then the mode is unset or just promisc to set the mode again ..


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    Re: Promiscious Mode on Linux

    Yes, I knew about that. I am trying to find out what to do so that the cards will remain in non-promiscious mode after a reboot. Right now, if I reboot, they go right back to promiscious mode.


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    Re: Promiscious Mode on Linux

    can you put that line into /etc/rc.local ?

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    Re: Promiscious Mode on Linux

    hmm normally the cards should stay in the mode you have given them, maybe another program is setting it to promisc on every boot ..

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