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Thread: Sound in FreeBSD

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    Sound in FreeBSD

    Hola. I'm currently using FreeBSD 4.3. I put my old Yamaha card in my computer so I could hopefully get some sound working. (I don't think my AC'97 card is supported.) I'm vigorously trying to compile a kernel with sound support but it won't compile. The "make depend" part runs smoothly. Then a while into "make" it says:

    linking kernel
    isa_compat.o(.data+0x4): undefined reference to `opldriver'

    And I've tried just about every combination of these three lines for sound in my configuration file:

    device snd
    device pcm
    device opl0 at isa? port 0x388

    Am I not putting in something that needs to be put in? It seems to me like it would only need the last line but I tried the other two to try to get it working. Someone let me know where my feux pas is so I can listen to mp3's in FreeBSD. Thanks.

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    Re: Sound in FreeBSD

    Ok, I realized something soon after posting. I had forgotten to run config each time I changed kernel options. I now have a functioning kernel. I don't have sound yet though. I compiled opl0, snd, and uart0 (for MIDI) into the kernel. Whenever I tried to play a wav with xmms, it said it couldn't open the device. Whenever I tried to cat the wav to /dev/dsp, it said the device is not configured. My card is some cheap card with a Yamaha chipset on it, and it definately has either OPL-2 or OPL-3. Cound the port be specified wrong in the kernel configuration? If so, can I just take the port part out and let it autodetect or must it be in there? I really have no way of checking the device's port other than taking it out of my computer and putting it in my mom's which I would prefer not to do. Throw me some ideas.

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    Re: Sound in FreeBSD

    If your sure it is supported (which it probably is) and your kernel has the devices there shouldn't be any problem. I'd consult the FreeBSD mailing list.

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    Re: Sound in FreeBSD

    Oh I'm sure it should be supported. In LINT, it says that opl is for any Yamaha OPL-2, OPL-3, and some other cards. My device driver cd sleeve for the card specifically says "OPL3 FM Synthesizer integrated". I'm not sure about the MIDI one I chose but it was the only generic MIDI driver. I think I'll take your advice and ask on the mailing list. (Oh my god, they're playing "Under Pressure" on the radio. If you don't know, that's the song that Vanilla Ice ripped off for Ice Ice Baby.)

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    Re: Sound in FreeBSD

    I managed to get it working! I not only have sound, but I have ext2 support too, so I'm listening to my mp3's on my Linux drive (the ones that didn't corrupt from the lockups).

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    Re: Sound in FreeBSD

    Glad you got it working. I found that getting my old Yamaha ISA sound card to work under FreeBSD was easier than making it work in Linux. That might be a rare exception in hardware support between FreeBSD and Linux, though.

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    Re: Sound in FreeBSD

    I've never tried to get this particular sound card to work in Linux so I wouldn't know, but I can say that my USB optical trackball was easier to get working in FreeBSD.

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