Hola. I'm currently using FreeBSD 4.3. I put my old Yamaha card in my computer so I could hopefully get some sound working. (I don't think my AC'97 card is supported.) I'm vigorously trying to compile a kernel with sound support but it won't compile. The "make depend" part runs smoothly. Then a while into "make" it says:

linking kernel
isa_compat.o(.data+0x4): undefined reference to `opldriver'

And I've tried just about every combination of these three lines for sound in my configuration file:

device snd
device pcm
device opl0 at isa? port 0x388

Am I not putting in something that needs to be put in? It seems to me like it would only need the last line but I tried the other two to try to get it working. Someone let me know where my feux pas is so I can listen to mp3's in FreeBSD. Thanks.