Hi all,
I've heard a lot of praise over the last year or so about FreeBSD but I always believed that nothing could be as elegant and reliable as Debian. The main arguments in favour of FreeBSD appear to be better resource management, a more secure default install and overall faster performance. Has anyone who has used both Linux & FreeBSD experienced any noticable differences in performance. I must say I am curious, especially since I've managed to configure my Debian system to do all the desktop chores I require and I may require another challenge. While there is probably no real reason to try and install FreeBSD I seem to spend a lot of time (and gain a lot of satisfaction) from trying these types of OS "experiments". Anyway, any thoughts or insights into the pros and cons of FreeBSD would be appreciated. If this has already been discussed on this forum I apologize but I did a forum search for FreeBSD and this has not come up. Thanks in advance.