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Thread: KSH prompt help!

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    KSH prompt help!

    HELP! I'm trying to design my KSH (korn shell) prompt to look like my bash promt, and have the current directory name as part of it. Say for instance I'm in /home/sysop on host epoch the prompt would read:

    [sysop@epoch sysop]$ and if I change to say /etc it would show:
    [sysop@epoch etc]$

    With bash this is easy, the W shows this, so their prompt is like:

    PS1="[\u@\h \W]\\$ "

    How can I do the same with Unix? I know that basename `pwd` will show it, but how can I get this into my prompt, and update when I change directories!?!?!

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    Re: KSH prompt help!

    I remember having to do this for csh, but it should be a similar I recall you have to alias the cd command to update the prompt. So something like
    "'alias cd '\!* ; set prompt="`hostname`:$cwd % "'

    It's a kludge, but it works. This site might also help:

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    Re: KSH prompt help!

    good link

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    Re: KSH prompt help!

    Out of curiosity, what OS exactly are you running?

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    Re: KSH prompt help!

    Solaris. I got it fixed though... there are some things that Bash has as system variables, that other shells don't.... but like I said, it's all working.

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